Sunday, April 10, 2022

Update #012 - March 2022

Update 12!!! that means this thing just turned 1 year old, Happy blogthday to me I guess xD. Honestly, I had some second thoughts about writing this entry... almost felt it was pointless. But then I thought it's freaking cold outside and I'm oncall so can't go anywhere xD, what the heck, lets get this done!

March was a bit bitter in a way for my finances, dividends were pretty good but the P2P returns are clearly effected by the conflict in Ukraine. The one impacted the most, as predicted in last month's update, was PeerBerry, however they have been keeping users very much up to date with their plans and actions and seems as if they will be able to turn this around... will see. I really don't want another Grupeer in my back.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Update #011 - February 2022

Hello everyone out there, what a crazy month we just had... and probably still have ahead. War in Ukraine, talks of nuclear threats, markets being shaken by catastrophic news, oil prices reaching $100, financial sanctions on Russia, and this is just a summary of it all. I am sort of surprised that after all the bloodshed we saw in the early and mid 90s we are again walking down a very similar road, it's just sad and makes me wonder how smart we are after all. 

Personally February has been nice, freezing cold in emerald island, we even got a glimpse of snow a few days ago. Fortunately though, it is getting warmer by the day. Oh! I finally started going back to the office once or twice per week, so that was something new and interesting. Met colleagues I've been working with for over a year now hahaha. I also seem to be much more productive when working in the office, very interesting observation, on top of that communication is much more fluent with my colleagues when there.

Leaving all the madness aside, or trying at least here goes the financial summary for February 2022!!!

Friday, February 4, 2022

Update #010 - January 2022

Helloooooooo everyone out there in the vast Internet, welcome to Update #010, covering my finances for the month of January 2022. Can't believe I've been doing this for almost a year :O now, hello consistency, how are you, wink wink!!! 

January was a good month, I must say though that getting back to work after the holidays was hard to say the least. The first 2 weeks were mental, oncalls delayed projects, jeeezzz, luckily things have taken a slower pace by now.

Have you seen the stock market during January? oh my, it felt like a freaking roller-coaster. we dipped 10% on 27th, and now looks like we are slightly recovering. However things aren't looking too good, looks as if we were starting to break previous lows and trending down. I guess in a few weeks or month we will have a better picture!

What am I doing? trying to pick stocks as they start dropping in price, but holding off on any big purchases for a few weeks at least.

Update #012 - March 2022