Update #001 - April 2021

Hello! As will be regular from now on here it goes my first official monthly update. April was a very interesting month, crashed the walking targets, decided to leave Bondora to improve my P2P portfolio yield and got some nice dividend bumps here and there. Besides all that, It's good to see world slowly coming back to normal, at least here in Ireland we have left behind some of the restrictions and getting some of our freedom back. Hopefully as vaccines become more and more available we will all be back to the world we knew!

Why I'm saying goodbye to Bondora...

For the last 2 or 3 months I've been thinking about how much value is Bondora actually adding to my P2P portfolio after all. I was first drawn to the platform by their amazing liquidity promise and low maintenance investing mode, however a few things have changed so here are my reasons why I'm leaving the platform.

One step at a time towards financial freedom

Hope you are doing great in this rather weird times we are living. Welcome to the somewhat intelligent investor, a blog tracking my steps to financial freedom while trying to keep healthy and sane (as much as it is possible at this stage). I've been following several other blogs so thought why not starting my own now with all the "free" time the pandemic has given us, right? So here I am, telling strangers about my finances and how I plan to be financially free/independent by the age of 40. In case you wonder, I'm not too far away from 40, so this goal is rather crazy nowadays, but what the heck!


Update #001 - April 2021