Friday, October 1, 2021

Update #006 - September 2021

What a month!!! As we get closer to the end of the year, looks like we are at the brink of a big economic colapse xD. Both world biggest economies are having their own fair share of issues due to debt (one way or another). On one side we have China and their now infamous Evergrande scandal, and on the other (literally opposite things xD) the US running out of dough and struggling to increase their debt ceiling to get them printers printing. What a time to be alive folks!!! What a time!!!

Jokes a side, hope you all had a good September, regardless of where this all takes us I truly hope is not too bad. Chances are in a few weeks we will be just talking about Halloween and we would have left all of this fear and uncertainty behind. I myself had an interesting month, did some buying here and there, got some juicy dividends and pretty good P2P results.

Life itself is going good, summer is officially behind us here in Emerald Island as we've had very chilled days lately. On the bright side, I finally got my tickets to see my family in December. It's going to be almost 2 years without being there, so can't wait!!! All that said, lets get to the numbers September left.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Update #005 - August 2021

Here we meet again, another month is gone and is time to pick up the numbers to see how things went. Personally August was a solid month, lots of bouldering was done and a pretty good walking stats :). Financially speaking it wasn't as solid unfortunately xD, that said something great happened in this are :) keep reading if you want to know more :O... (see what I did there :P )

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Update #004 - July 2021

Say good bye to July!!! Yess, July 2021 is official behind us all, and I'm a year older than I was in "Update #003 - June 2021". Besides the regular aging that comes along with time, July has been a pretty fun month, very sportive I must say. Back to play some volley ball here and there and some very intense Bouldering sessions. For the ones unfamiliar with Bouldering is a sort of indoor climbing, pretty fun and great full body workout.

Financially wise, July wasn't a record month in terms of passive income, but was pretty close. It did reach the highest expenses coverage percent ever with a nice 2.7%, beating March 2021 by 0.01%!!! How come you have lower income and higher expense coverage? You must be thinking! Panic not, I have the answer for you :), essentially my expenses have dropped a bit since I moved in with my girlfriend and this is a side effect of that. Anyways, enough talking, show me the numberssss

Update #006 - September 2021